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Rules and policies


All students are expected to attend school unless sick. A note or telephone call to the school explaining the reason for the absence of students is required for each absence.  We are obliged to notify authorities of any prolonged, unexplained and/or unreasonable absences.  If you have a child who needs to be away from school for an extended period, please make an appointment with the principal to discuss this.

Children cannot leave the school grounds during the school day unless accompanied by an adult.  If there is a need to pick your child up early you must sign them out at the School Office.  Your child will be called to the Office to meet you.  Please ensure that there is a valid reason for late arrival and early departures from school, as every day counts for your child’s education as school.  Absentee Line 3323 7166.

Parents please be aware that when a student is absent, or plans to be absent, for more than 10 consecutive school days for any reason, the parent must comply with their obligations in respect to compulsory schooling or compulsory participation by either:
  • seeking an exemption from their obligation, or
  • by negotiating with the principal to make an alteration to a student's educational  program; or
  • by seeking to arrange a flexible arrangement for the student


If your child should meet with an accident of a serious nature  or becomes ill, every effort will be made to contact you.  If, however, this cannot be done, school staff, will take any necessary action to ensure the well-being of your child. This may include the use of the Ambulance service for emergency transport.

It is very important for the School to have up-to-date information.

To enable us to keep our records up to date, we would appreciate being notified of any changes in addresses and phone numbers – including home, father’s and mother’s work and mobile numbers and alternative  current contact details.  This will enable us to make reach someone quickly if an emergency arises.

Animals on the Premises

Regulations forbid the presence of animals, leashed or unleashed, on the school premises.  This does include animals inside vehicles.

Arrivals and Departures

Preparation for school commences at 8:45am and all children should be at school by this time.  Children are not to be sent to school prior to 8:30am.  Any children arriving prior to this time must sit on the benches, under C block. Students who regularly arrive significantly earlier than this time may be booked into Before School Care and billed accordingly. No children are to move to the verandah areas without teacher supervision.

At the end of the school day children should leave the school grounds as soon as practicable in an orderly and safe manner. Students are not encouraged to travel to and from school alone, but rather travel with groups of parents and students heading in the same direction.
Parents, particularly of children in lower grades, are asked to ensure children know how to go home each day and to inform their child's teacher if there is a change in routine.  Parents are asked to ensure that their child is not left to wait unsupervised after school.  Any students who are not collected by 3:15pm will return to the school office.
Parents waiting for children at school are asked to wait where they are neither a distraction nor an interruption to class activities, preferably after 2:45pm, and away from class doors and verandahs.
The safety of our children in and around the school is a major concern.  The school is bounded by very busy roads so that extreme care is needed in travelling to and from school.  We encourage parents to set a good example for their children by demonstrating safe practices on the roads around our school.

Smoking in School Grounds

Parents and visitors are advised that in line with Government regulations, Mount Gravatt East State School has a total ban on smoking.
Smoking any tobacco products or using an electronic cigarette within five metres of any state or private school grounds is illegel. This applies before, during and after school hours as well as over weekends and school holidays.
On the spot fines can be issued by environmental health officers, police or other officers authorised by the local government to anyone found in breach of this legislation. The ban does not extend to businesses or residences that share a property boundary with a school.
Smokers are asked to put out your cigarette and dispose of the litter thoughtfully well before you reach the school boundary.
We appreciate your co-operation in contributing to a healthy, smoke-free environment.


No one is to be on school property after school hours without written permission from the Principal.  If you see people within our school grounds, please assist us to look after our school by phoning:

State Government Security (07) 3224 6666

School Watch                      131 788

Upper Mt Gravatt  Police   (07) 3364 3102

Uniforms – General (School colours are green, gold and navy blue)

The school has laid down certain guidelines for the provision of school uniforms for boys and girls.  It is hoped that parents will encourage the wearing of the uniform at all times for the sake of:
  • Uniformity
  • Economy
  • Safety
  • School Pride
  • Durability
The uniform is approved by the Parents and Citizens Association.  Children may not participate in any activity outside the school grounds unless they are in school uniform.  If access to the school uniform is a problem please contact the school Principal.

NOTE: For more detail on our uniform please see our ‘Dress Code’ included in the enrolment package.

Sun Safe Hats

Parents are advised that Sun Safe hats must be worn because of the health danger associated with exposure to the sun.  The school rule, “NO  SUN SAFE HAT, NO IN THE SUN PLAY” will be enforced at the school. We strongly recommend our school Sun Safe hats and seek parent support in this matter.

Uniform – Daily

Jewellery, except for a watch and sleepers/small studs in ears, is not permitted. 

School bags must be clearly named with full name and can be stored in racks provided for the purpose.  It is unwise for children to leave money or valuables in their school bags.
All school items should be labelled with the child’s name (books, bags, clothing, lunch boxes, drink bottles etc.)

Valuables at School

Parents are asked to monitor carefully the items which children are allowed to bring to school.  Generally speaking, expensive items, toys and large amounts of money are to be kept at home.  Children must accept responsibility for what they bring to school.  It is not a school responsibility.  Unsuitable items will be confiscated.  If it is necessary for your child to bring a mobile phone to school, it must be handed in to the office staff at the beginning of the day and collected at the end of the school day.

Visitor’s Pass System

When you visit the school we ask that you sign in at the Office.  This system helps us to ensure a safe environment for students, staff and visitors.  The sign-in register will be used to check that visitors are safe in the event of an evacuation.