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Parking Inside School Grounds

The safety of our children is a major concern and parents are asked to be particularly careful at the start and end of the school day. 
The Prep Car Park off Newnham Road is only for the use of parents delivering and collecting children from Prep. Parents who have a genuine need to enter the school grounds must do so through the Wecker Road and Newnham Road entrances where marked parking is available. Parking near the buildings is reserved for School staff. Do not use this area as a drop off for students. Disabled parking spaces are available in this car park.

There is also parking available in the C & K Car park off Newnham Rd, and the oval car park opposite the Sam Riley Swimming Pool.

Please do not park in reserved spaces, across gateways or on the internal roadway.  Pedestrians, children and adults, are asked to enter and leave the grounds by the small pedestrian gates and cross at the lights or crossing.

Please note that parking in the pick up areas hinders the smooth flow of traffic. This is a TWO MINUTE PICK UP/DROP OFF AREA ONLY.

Home to School

Children should be familiar with the roads between home and school.  Parents are asked to direct their children to use one route.  They should be aware of road hazards, crossings and road safety rules.  Check to see that your child does not loiter on the way home, visit friends without your approval, talk to strangers or go a different way home. 

Children are educated about “Protective Behaviours”.  Children should arrive at the school grounds no earlier than 8.30am and should depart promptly after dismissal in the afternoon unless participating in school-organised activities.  No children will be permitted to leave the school grounds between the time of arrival and dismissal without written permission or a phone call from a Parent or Guardian.  As teachers are involved in preparation before school, no direct supervision is possible and children will be expected to engage in quiet activities.

It is expected that students travelling to and from school follow appropriate rules and model correct behaviour.  The Principal has the authority to apply consequences for inappropriate behaviours to and from school.  Students are also to wear their appropriate school uniform and helmet if riding a bike or scooter.


To ensure the safety of all individuals, bicycles/scooters are to be walked in the school grounds.  A special area under B Block is set aside for the storage.  It is advisable for children to chain and lock their bicycles/scooters and helmets to the racks.


PLEASE NOTE: Under the current laws, bicycles/scooters are to be ridden with helmets.​​​​​​​​